Golf Courses in London

  • There are 95 active golf courses in the Greater London area;
  • These courses cover a total area of 4,342 hectares;
  • 1,439 hectares of these courses lie within the new London Plan H2 zone*;
  • Building on the areas of golf course within the policy H2 zone could deliver more than 86,314 dwellings, providing homes for 345,257 people at a density of 60 dwellings per hectare;
  • If golf courses were a borough in their own right, it would be larger than Brent (population: 330,800);
  • There are 43 golf courses in the Greater London area owned by public bodies, with a combined area of 1,856 hectares;
  • Of these, 576 hectares lie within the H2 policy zone (31.04% of the total), sufficient space for 34,566 dwellings, housing 138,264 people, at 60 dwellings per hectare;
  • Public courses in London alone provide 720 holes. We could house 78% of Londoners currently living in temporary accommodation by reducing this number by 224.

* within 800m of a town centre boundary, station, or with a PTAL of 3 or more. See the London Plan for more details.

Ownership of Golf Courses by Area

Ownership of Golf Courses by Quantity

Golf Course Area as Percentage of Borough

Proportion of the total area of each borough (as a percentage) which is occupied by golf courses.

Area of Golf Course Owned by Borough

Total area of golf course for which the freehold is owned by the respective borough.