London Borough of Sutton

Map showing golf courses in borough.

Sutton has two active golf courses, (excluding those with fewer than nine holes) which together cover a total of 114.74 hectares. That's approximately 2.62% of the borough's total area. One course is publicly owned.

Course NameFreehold Ownership
Cuddington Golf CoursePrivately-owned
Oaks Park Golf CourseOwned by borough

In total, Sutton has 45 holes across these courses.

Assuming one hole takes an average of 12.5 minutes to play, and that a maximum of four players can play each hole at the same time, the maximum number of people occupying Sutton's courses over a twelve-hour day is 563, or 180 people at a time. Therefore the total maximum density across the borough's golf courses is 1.57 people per hectare.

Sutton has an approximate housing density of around 19 homes per hectare. If new homes were to be built on all of the publicly-owned courses in the borough, at this density it would deliver circa 876 homes.

Sutton has 1,536 people in temporary accommodation, and 1,591 households on its housing waiting list.

Area of Golf Courses by Freehold Ownership Type

Cuddington Golf Course

Cuddington Golf Course is a privately-owned golf course with 18 holes, and an area of 47.97 hectares.

The freehold is owned by Cuddington (Banstead) Golf Club Limited, under freehold title number SGL563411.

The entirety of this course's area lies within the green belt.

Oaks Park Golf Course

Oaks Park Golf Course is a publicly-owned golf course with 27 holes, and an area of 66.77 hectares.

The freehold is owned by London Borough of Sutton, under freehold title number SGL118064 and SGL539670.

The entirety of this course's area lies within the green belt.

Includes two courses: 1 x 18-hole and 1 x 9-hole, plus driving range